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  • Company Location

  • Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

  • Company Location

  • Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Design and Engineering Team


or effective time control in the crucial aspect of Design Engineering in the Road Projects and to provide the necessary value additions for keeping the cost under control we have an in-house design and engineering team which operates out of our corporate office in New Delhi. Our design department is further segmented into pavement design, highway design and the structure design sections. Each section is headed by an experienced designer. Our design and engineering team has access to and uses various software tools like AutoCAD, Midas, STAAD.Pro and MX Road for design of our projects. Project Objective, client satisfaction and serving the community are always at the core of in-house design team and its strong response to the project objective through its vast expertise at all levels, viz. senior, middle and innovative young engineers.

Our design and engineering team is involved in the planning and execution of our projects since the pre-bidding stage. At the pre-bidding stage, our design and engineering team prepares a basic design to facilitate preparation of estimates of quantities of raw materials that shall be required for construction of the project. Upon the award of a project, the various sections of the design and engineering team plan and co-ordinate to work towards efficiently completing the design elements of a project. Once the pre-design activities such as surveys and site investigation are carried out, the design and engineering team prepares a quality assurance plan for detailed design and planning, based on the terms of the contract as well as the result of the surveys carried out. The final detailing and designing is created by the designers and draftsmen of different sections for maintenance of quality and timely execution of project. Our design and engineering team seeks to continuously innovate and has also adopted various technologies like warm mix, recycling of bituminous pavement by hot mix as well as cold mix technology for efficient execution of our projects.

Our In-house Consulting’s areas of expertise include:

  • Roads & Highways
  • Bridges & Structures
  • Traffic & Transport Engineering and Planning
  • Pavement Technology
  • Pre-Bid Assistance