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  • Company Location

  • Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

  • Company Location

  • Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Metal crash barrier


ne of our recent developments, has been the establishment of a world class Metal Crash Barrier Manufacturing & Galvanizing Plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We believe in the latest technologies invented, implemented and used worldwide. Our manufacturing plant is well equipped with self-reliant functionalities. It produces quality conscious material for road safety and construction companies with our state of the art technology resources expertise and ensures to abide and adhere to quality standards and safety measures. We consider ourselves responsible towards safeguarding lives by producing and manufacturing high quality products under one roof. Our manufacturing & galvanizing capacity is 3000 MT per month; we have got state of art plant which meets all the mandatory requirements of respective authorities’ i.e. NHAI, MORTH, DGS&D and AASHTO etc. MCB uses most technically advanced technology and reliable system for road safety. In terms of installation, repair and maintenance MCB represent significant cost saving.

Application of Metal Crash Barrier:

  • Highways, flyovers and bridges.
  • High embankments/Sharp Curves.
  • High density fast moving traffic areas in cities.
  • Median barriers as road separators.
  • Protection from trees, rocky areas etc.
  • Hilly terrain, Ghats, curves, high embankments.
  • Test tracks in automobile industry, factories, and mines.
  • Mass housing complex, townships.
  • Airports, Railway stations and parking places.

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