We have over 50 years of experience.

  • Company Location

  • Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

  • Company Location

  • Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Focused Road EPC Player


e have an experience of approximately 21 years in executing road focused EPC projects, comprising of construction and development of state and national highways, bridges, culverts, flyovers, airport runways and rail over bridges and during the last 10 years, we have executed more than 80 road EPC projects. We have, since inception, focused on the roads EPC sector which has given us a distinct advantage of mitigating the risks associated with the dynamics of road construction sector while also simultaneously helping us in establishing our credentials as an EPC player capable of implementing a variety of road construction projects that involve varying degrees of complexity. We believe that our focused approach will enable us to continue to take advantage of future market opportunities and expand into new markets and when combined with our technical experience and pricing, be critical in enabling us to successfully compete against other players in this industry.

As on May 31, 2016, our Order Book comprises of 19 road EPC projects across various states in India covering Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Meghalaya, and Odisha. In the past we have executed projects in the states of Jharkhand and Meghalaya providing us with an

experience of diverse geographic locations in India with varied degrees of complexities like construction in high traffic and high density areas, construction of tunnels in hilly terrain and slope protection and rock fall protection due to high rainfall.

Established Track Record of before time execution of Projects

We believe that we have established a track record of efficient project management and execution skills with trained and skilled manpower, efficient deployment of equipment and in-house integration that has ensured meeting project targets on schedule and in some instances even before the designated completion date. Our in-house raw material supply chain management ensures that the key raw materials are delivered to our manufacturing facilities on time, enabling us to manage our processes effectively and maintain our key raw material inventory for a rolling period of around 30 days. Our project management team, in conjunction with the design and engineering team, ensures operational efficiencies by having an overall control of the manufacturing and project execution process to ensure execution of projects in a time bound manner.The construction of the Shillong bypass project was completed 11 months ahead of schedule and our Company was awarded a bonus of ₹ 433.35 million for such early completion. Our track record of completing our projects on time and reputation for delivering quality construction projects has enabled us to gain our clients’ confidence.

Strong Financial Performance and Credit Rating

We strive to maintain a robust financial position with emphasis on having a strong balance sheet and increased profitability. Our strong balance sheet and positive operating cash flows coupled with low levels of debt enable us to fund our strategic initiatives, pursue opportunities for growth and better manage unanticipated cash flow variations. Our financial strength provides us a valuable competitive advantage in terms of access to bank guarantees and letters of credit, which are factors critical to our business. In March 2011, India Business Excellence Fund I, India Business Excellence Fund and IDFC Investment Advisors Limited (which has subsequently exited) invested in our Company. Our credit record and existing relationships with our lenders help us raise financing on a timely basis. Our ability to raise financing on time helps us maintain the required leverage.

In-house Integrated Model

We undertake our construction business in an integrated manner as we have the key competencies and in-house resources to deliver a project from its conceptualization to completion. Our in-house integration includes a design and engineering team with access to advanced technology for conceptualising designs required for the projects we undertake, manufacturing plants for processing of bitumen, thermoplastic road-marking paint and road signage, fabrication and galvanization unit for crash-rated metal beam barriers, owned construction equipment and a fleet of transportation vehicles. Our manufacturing plants for processing of bitumen located in Udaipur and Guwahati, fabrication and galvanization unit for crash-rated metal beam barriers located at Ahmedabad and thermoplastic road-marking paint and road signage manufacturing unit, also located in Udaipur, cater to the key components that we require in the construction and development of our projects. Our manufacturing plants help us reduce our dependence on third party suppliers for our key raw material i.e. bitumen emulsion and other products required for completion of roads such as signages, overhead structures and toll canopies. Our in-house integrated model is further facilitated by timely transportation of the key raw materials (bitumen emulsion and diesel) from our manufacturing plants to the project sites, for captive consumption by the [56] tankers owned by us, fitted with GPS tracking devices, which we believe reduces pilferage and ensures the quality of our products.

Experienced Promoters with Strong Management Team

We have seen robust business growth under the vision, leadership and guidance of our individual Promoters, Vinod Kumar Agarwal and Ajendra Agarwal, who have both been associated with the infrastructure construction industry for over [three decades]. Prior to incorporation of our Company, our individual Promoters were associated with M/s Gumani Ram Agarwal, a partnership firm, whose business was taken over by our Company in 1996. We believe that our Promoters have played a key role in the development of our business and we benefit from their industry knowledge and expertise, vision and leadership. They have strong operational knowledge, good relationship with our clients and a successful track record of executing infrastructure projects. In addition to our individual Promoters, our senior management team comprises of qualified, experienced and skilled professionals who have experience across various sectors. We believe the stability of our management team and the industry experience brought on by our individual Promoters will enable us to continue to take advantage of future market opportunities and expand into new markets. Our senior management team is able to leverage our market position with their collective experience and knowledge in the infrastructure construction industry, to execute our business strategies and drive our future growth. Our department heads namely, DevkiNandan Agarwal, Mahendra Kumar Agarwal and Ajai Kumar Singh Chauhan have an average experience of approximately 23 years in the infrastructure construction industry.