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  • Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

  • Company Location

  • Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Ongoing Projects

The following table sets forth the top five projects (in terms of Order Book value) that form a part of our Order Book as of December 31, 2020:

S. No. Name of Project Total Contract Value
(₹ million)
Order Book Value (₹ million) Percentage of Order Book (%)
1. Construction of 8 lane access controlled Expressway from Km 26.582 to Km 50.700 of Main Expressway and Km 0.0 to Km 3.00 of SPUR Shirsad to Masvan Section of Vadodara Mumbai Expressway in the State of Maharashtra on HAM under Bharatmala Pariyojana Ph II Pkg XIII 23,300.00* 23,300.00 12.79%
2. 4-laning of Aligarh-Kanpur section from Km. 289.000 (Design Chainage 302.108) to Km. 356.000 (Design Chainage 373.085) (Package-IV from Naviganj – Mitrasen) of NH-91 in the state of Uttar Pradesh on Hybrid Annuity mode under Bharatmala Pariyojana. 18,630.00* 18,630.00 10.22%
3. Construction of Eight lane access controlled Expressway from Km 217.500 to Km 254.430 of Vadodara Mumbai Expressway Ena to Kim Section in the state of Gujarat On HAM under Bharatmala Pariyojana 1 (Pkg VI) 18,370.00* 18,370.00 10.08%
4. Construction of Eight Lane Carriageway Starting near Major Bridge on Mej river to junction with 5H-37A(ch.331.030-359.170) Section of Delhi – Vadodara Access Controlled Green Field Alignment (NH-148N) EPC mode under Bharatmala Pariyojana in the state of Rajasthan (Delhi _vadodara Pkg 12) 10,712.70 10,712.70 5.88%
5. Upgradation of Highway starting from junction with NH-44 at Panipat connecting Kairana, Shamli, Muzaffarnagar, Miranpur, Bijnor and terminating at its junction with NH-74 at Kotawali to Two/four lane with paved shoulder configuration (Pkg no. NH/IAHE/47, Category-II) -Shamli to Muzaffarnagar Pkg-II of NH-709AD 9,270.00 9,136.91 5.01%
  Total 80,282.70 80,149.61 43.99%

* Total Contract Value refers to the value of the EPC portion of the project being executed by our Company.